“Adventurer at Sea”


Are YOU looking for an adventure story filled with harrowing feats of survival set against an exciting historical background?

Thrilling twists and turns surround Robert and Michael as they continue their adventures around the world’s oceans. Aboard a whaling vessel with their family of shipmates, a perilous hunt causes the death of a beloved friend and it is the catalyst for the boys renewing their vow to get to America.

On a remote exotic island, the boys hunt for wild boar and become immersed in the exotic life of the natives and missionaries. Robert falls for a beautiful young girl and his heart breaks when he has to leave.

A raging storm puts the whaler in jeopardy and the boys barely escape. The fate of the ship is unknown but they are rescued and soon find out they are on their way to war.

A battle ensues and Robert is gravely injured. Unexpected events make his long-sought-after destiny uncertain and he has no idea how or if he will ever be able to find America.

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Are you looking for an adventure story filled with harrowing feats of survival set against an exciting historical background? Read on, as you will discover …

Something bad and scary is about to happen to Robert. He must make a choice, stay or run. He runs!

Fleeing from danger, Robert and his best friend Michael sneak aboard a ship and hide in a lifeboat, convinced they will start a new life at the next port. When they are found, the real trouble begins.

Trapped aboard a British Naval vessel, the boys must learn to endure a harsh life at sea and figure out how to get off without being shot as deserters.

Torrential storms, a terrorizing bully, a mysterious initiation, and an untimely death during a perilous rounding of Cape Horn fill their months with adventure. An unexpected chance to escape comes and the boys don’t waste a moment. It doesn’t take long for them to realize they have gotten themselves lost in a treacherous jungle.

Sickness plagues them. Spiders, snakes and lurking predators are there at every turn. Robert and Michael must learn to rely on their wits…if they want to survive.



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ISBN 978-1-949864-84-7 print 

978-1-949864-85-4 digital 

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