About the Author

Writing has always been a dream, floating in the back of Margreit’s mind for as long as she can remember. A love for literature was instilled in her by her mother and family in general from an early age. While growing up, she read a wide range of books from the classics to something quick and fun and adored getting lost in a story. When her grandfather Frost gave her the journal about Robert’s trek across the world, it captured her imagination, and bringing his story of joy, heartbreak, and courage to life became a passion. She is proud to present this series as her debut to the writing world.

Since the publication of the first two novels in the series, Margreit has launched a Creative Writing Workshop for children aged 10 and up for schools and libraries and is enjoying an opportunity to help students discover their potential and original ideas. In addition, she and her publisher Stephanie Larkin have collaborated on an online Creative Writing Bootcamp which is available for all writers and aspiring writers age 17 and up. Sharing what she has learned about writing and helping others tap into their imaginations in creating stories is a happy accident.

Margreit is an enthusiastic supporter of literature, education, science, wildlife, and nature. The source of which lies in being encouraged (at a very young age – thanks Mom!) to muck around in the mud searching for hermit crabs and other tiny or large inhabitants of the natural world. She enjoys living on Long Island, where she is happily surrounded by beaches and with her two children and Mr. Frosty the cat. In her spare time, she can be found staying active and outside whenever possible and with her treasured family and friends. In the future, she looks forward to sharing many more stories.